Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maine Children Photography

The other day I photographed these a-dorable children. We all met at a local park, skies were clear (albeit a little too sunny, yes in photography there is such a thing), the air was brisk, and the ground was a tad soggy. As Mom’s and Dad’s gathered in the parking lot with their warm D&D coffee's snuggled in their hands, me, my camera, and eight kids began the quest for family pictures.

In case you don’t notice, and I am going to point it out right now, handsome and beautiful runs in this family. The linage must go back generations and with each new limb on the family tree it only gets better. Some of these children may look familiar as I photographed them earlier this year. I had a hard time picking and choosing which ones to post; so I am warning you there are are a lot of pictures, so grab your own warm D&D, sit back, and enjoy.

Look out little ladies!!

Eyeballs and children do not get more gorgeous than these!

My seasoned professionals!

Photographing these two made me wish I had a sister.

For those of you who 'Like' me on facebook, you may recall a post about me tripping over a metal stake AND bench during a recent shoot. Welll, you are looking at the shoot. So what do you do when you trip over a bench, a huge bench, and try to look cool and smile through the pain... you keep snapping pictures and if you are lucky you will get a shot like this. For anyone who doesn't read my blog or doesn't like me on facebook, I am going to tell them that they thought I was so funny, I had them in stitches the entire shoot!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. The depth of field on all the close-up shots is dead on. All the kids really do have good genetics. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when all the parents see these pictures. I am sure they will be thrilled. Good work, Amy. You can put your head on your pillow and know you did another day of good work. Carolina


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