Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hugs & Shrugs: The Ove Glove & Porno on Pinterest

1) The Ove Glove; if you haven’t already seen it on TV, check it out here. I dare say next to hair dye and fix a flat, this is one of the best inventions ever. 2) White Chocolate Candy Cane Hershey Kisses; they are amazing and are one of my favorite parts of the winter season, 3) Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon; dare I say this is one of the best albums EVER! Although I am pretty sure this is the only album in existence you can’t set to Shuffle on your iPod, it completely ruins it.

1) Porno pictures on Pinterest! Yeah, they really exist and when you scroll past one squeezed between a picture of a baby nursery and a Parmesan Chicken Bake, it’s a little shocking to say the least. 2) Children’s toys which require batteries that are only available on-line and cost more than the gift! Seriously, there should be a warning label on the box warning parents of this. 3) Being five days into 2013 and still writing 2012 on everything!

SHUGS: (a combo of a hug and a shrug)
1) Nicki Minaj; help me out here people, because I don’t get her and worst of all I can’t tell if I love her or hate her.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hugs & Shrugs - Christmas Lights & Brownie Pops

1) Christmas lights; although they don't give off any heat, or at least they shouldn't and if yours do throw them out immediately, seeing them all lit up makes me feel all warm and cozy, 2) Random hugs and kisses from my three year old; it's hard to believe one day she won't want to be with me 29 hours a day, 3) Businesses who treat their customers like they want to see them again; trust me, there are not many of them that do!

1) Getting into your car on a super cold day and greeted with the sweet scent of antifreeze blowing through the heater. Although the scent is easily mistaken for maple syrup and at first is quite pleasant, I am  pretty sure there is no pancake factory under my hood, which leaves only one possiblity which I do not want to put in writing, 2) Buying a new iPod only to discover you can put 13 more songs on it until you have to start deleting other songs, 3) The peppermint brownie pop at a super expensive chain coffee shop, the idea and title sound divine, but in reality it tastes like brownie mush covered in white chocolate, save the amount of money you would spend on this one pop and go buy yourself all the ingredients and make your own version, trust be you will be saving money.

And now for a random pictures I found on Pinterest, how cute are these little cupcakes???

Pinned Image
Happy Sunday!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Who Lives Here?

I found this post, which I wrote over a year ago, hiding in my blog that I never published. I don't know why, maybe I am a little embarrassed to admit I was like this. As two close family members begin new chapters of their lives with their own home purchases, I found this post timely and perhaps some of you out there can relate as well.

For almost a decade I lived in my house which someone else decorated. No, nobody broke in one night and hung up pictures and I certainly did not hire an interior decorator to come and do it for me. I decorated my house based on the opinions and perceptions of what other people thought looked good. We built our house 12 years ago and for the first year or two I was scared to death to put a nail in the wall, let alone splash a little color here and there. But when I finally decided it was time to make this house a home, I was terrified to do what really wanted to do. I mean what if no body like it? So instead, I decorated my house based on what was “in” at the time. I had adopted this ‘theme’ that everyone was doing and because it looked so nice and homey in their homes, why not try it in my own. So I gave it a try. I would pick up a few things here and there, items I loved individually, but all together... not so much. I always felt like something was missing, I would often look around and wonder 'who lives here'? To make a long story short, I eventually gave up and did nothing inside my house for years.

About a year ago I decided to put on my big girl coveralls and reclaim my house. Instead of waiting to win the mega bucks so I could mirror every room printed in a Pottery Barn magazine, I decided to start a little bit at a time. First I replaced my boring shower curtain with a flashy one and bought a few matching towels. Whoola! For under $100 I had a new bathroom. For the playroom, I bought two rolls of funky wall paper and created an accent wall and POOF a new room was born. In my kitchen, I steamed off my border and painted over the antique white walls with a bold gray, printed and framed printables I found on Pinterest, found a bunch of funky frames which I love, love, love, actually put pictures in them and wouldn’t you know I LOVE MY KITCHEN!! Is there a theme; not really. Does everything match/coordinate accordingly; errr, sort of. Would the Pottery Barn want to include a picture of my kitchen in their magazine; he-lll NO! But you know what, I don’t care because, as my three year old would say, "I lub it"!

Maybe it’s because I am more confident at 30, ah hem 31, than I was at 20 and I really don’t care what people think of me or my house, or maybe because I realize striving for perfection was smothering my creativity and taking away my individuality (I am getting deep, I know), but now when I come home from work or maybe when you come over to visit, you can look around and know exacly who lives in this house!

It was love at first sight between this fabric and I. Not knowing what to do with it, I sat on it for close to a year. Than I took that term literal and covered my dining room chairs with it! HA!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hugs & Shrugs, By YOU!

A few weeks ago I asked you readers for your Hugs & Shrugs and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of responses you left. I have read through them and have pasted some of my favorites below.

1) Have grandchildren for a sleepover, 2) My 2 year old's "I Luff Mommie", 3) Realizing that you have married the man of your dreams and he has help make your beautiful baby (babies) possible!!! 4) Becoming Grandma J what I have wanted since kindergarten when we had to choose what we wanted to be I chose "Grammie", 5) My forever friends
1) Sunday mornings when you go to make your coffee and all the k-cups are gone, 2) Going to empty the dishwasher this morning only to realize that it is broken, so 1.) I need to wash all the dishes by hand and 2.) I might need to go buy a new dishwasher, 3) GERMS!! Waking up with a sore throat AGAIN after having a nasty cold only 2 weeks ago. I think I need to start drinking purell!! 4) Gray hairs growing back in after a really nice hair color, 5) Lady Bugs!

Side note: I saw this image on Pinterest back in July, I thought it was hilarious because I sawthis outfit everywhere! It is now November and I am still seeing it!! It's either cold enough for boots or warm enough for shorts... It can not be both.

It's either cold enough for uggs or warm enough for shorts... It cannot be both.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mmmm Meatloaf

I have been craving meatloaf lately. No, don’t even go there, I just happen to be a big fan of beef baked in a loaf pan. I love the texture, the smell, how it is baked in a bath of gristle, and owww the next day when the gristle has congealed you slice it up and put it between bread slathered with mayo. Are your taste buds watering yet, I know mine are.

My Dad makes the best meatloaf, it is absolutely delicious. I often ask him for the recipe but he insists he doesn't have one, he just uses a little of that, a pinch of this, and slides it in the oven until it 'looks' done. Why are the best family recipes, not recipes at all? How much exactly is a 'little', a 'pinch', and about how long does it take to 'look' done??

I also love the singer Meatloaf. I don't have a whole play list dedicated to him on my iTunes or anything, but I do gasp and crank it up when I hear him on the radio. Some of my favorite Loaf tunes are listed below in no particular order:

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad (my favorite)

I Would do Anything for Love
Paradise by the Dashboard Light
It's All Coming Back to Me Now
Took the Words Right Out of my Mouth
I gotta ask:
How do you prefer your Meatloaf?
Like This:
Like This:

ORRR Like this:

Happy Friday!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh Mornings, How I Loathe The...

Waking up in the morning is hands down, the hardest thing I do all day. My husband on the other hand is one of those who wakes up before the alarm and is ready to go! It makes me want to smack him harder than my snooze button.

Due to my lack luster love affair with the early morning, there are a few steps in my morning routine that are done incorrectly or not at all. If you choose to keep reading, don’t judge me because I am sure there are a few on the list you are guilty of yourself.

Ten Things I Do, or perhaps more appropriately,
Don’t Do in the Morning

1. After slapping the snooze button, immediately think “I should call in sick”,

2. Continue assaulting the snooze button at least six more times, for those of you who just did the math, yeah it takes almost an hour to for me to drag my sorry you-know-what out of bed,

3. Forget to brush my teeth, don’t look at me with those eyes, you have done it too,

4. Forget to put on mascara. For anyone who takes the time to extenuate their facial features with make up knows lushly lacquered lashes (say that 10 time fast) are the staple to any good face,

5. Throw on a pair of my husbands’ socks because I am too lazy to look for my own,

6. Curse myself for telling myself the night before, ‘you worked hard today, don’t worry about making a lunch for tomorrow, you can do it in the morning’,

7. Plug in my curling iron, only to find out 15 minutes later I never turned it on,

8. In the event #6 does not occur and I do in fact have a lunch ready, I will most likely forget it in the refrigerator, on the counter, on the stairs, in my car… you get the idea,
9. Leave my heels, you know the ones that match my outfit, on the stairs resulting in me wearing clunky Danskos or flip flops with a dress all day,

10. Forget to turn off the TV, so when I come home at night I hear it and immediately think someone broke in the house and watched Nick Jr. all day

Did you nod your head in agreement with any of these? Why do I hate waking up so bad, is it just the way I am programmed, am I lazy, or is my bed too comfortable? I am going with 'that's the way I am programmed' because you can’t change genetics.

And for those of you who are grossed out at the thought of me going to work with unbrushed teeth, not to worry, I have a back up plan!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scentsy Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to...

Angie has won a Full Size Doodlebud Warmer valued at $30 courtesy of Tonya Picard, Scentsy Consultant.
Thank you to everyone who commented with their own version of "Hugs & Shrugs", I enjoyed reading what you had to say and agreed with quit a few of you!!
Congratulations Angie once again and a BIG 'HUG' to Tonya Picard for donating the warmer!!! Please keep Tonya in mind if you are looking to order some Scentsy during the upcoming holiday season!