Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh Mornings, How I Loathe The...

Waking up in the morning is hands down, the hardest thing I do all day. My husband on the other hand is one of those who wakes up before the alarm and is ready to go! It makes me want to smack him harder than my snooze button.

Due to my lack luster love affair with the early morning, there are a few steps in my morning routine that are done incorrectly or not at all. If you choose to keep reading, don’t judge me because I am sure there are a few on the list you are guilty of yourself.

Ten Things I Do, or perhaps more appropriately,
Don’t Do in the Morning

1. After slapping the snooze button, immediately think “I should call in sick”,

2. Continue assaulting the snooze button at least six more times, for those of you who just did the math, yeah it takes almost an hour to for me to drag my sorry you-know-what out of bed,

3. Forget to brush my teeth, don’t look at me with those eyes, you have done it too,

4. Forget to put on mascara. For anyone who takes the time to extenuate their facial features with make up knows lushly lacquered lashes (say that 10 time fast) are the staple to any good face,

5. Throw on a pair of my husbands’ socks because I am too lazy to look for my own,

6. Curse myself for telling myself the night before, ‘you worked hard today, don’t worry about making a lunch for tomorrow, you can do it in the morning’,

7. Plug in my curling iron, only to find out 15 minutes later I never turned it on,

8. In the event #6 does not occur and I do in fact have a lunch ready, I will most likely forget it in the refrigerator, on the counter, on the stairs, in my car… you get the idea,
9. Leave my heels, you know the ones that match my outfit, on the stairs resulting in me wearing clunky Danskos or flip flops with a dress all day,

10. Forget to turn off the TV, so when I come home at night I hear it and immediately think someone broke in the house and watched Nick Jr. all day

Did you nod your head in agreement with any of these? Why do I hate waking up so bad, is it just the way I am programmed, am I lazy, or is my bed too comfortable? I am going with 'that's the way I am programmed' because you can’t change genetics.

And for those of you who are grossed out at the thought of me going to work with unbrushed teeth, not to worry, I have a back up plan!

Happy Sunday!

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