Thursday, June 3, 2010

I will have the Hot Hamburger Plate - PLEEEZE!

This past weekend my family and I ventured to Rockwood, Maine for some much needed R&R. On Saturday, the weather was less than ideal, so my Mom, baby E and I packed up the diaper bag and headed into the great Northern metropolis known as Jackman, Maine!

Mom said we would go “shopping” and having never been to Jackman, except on a 4-wheeler eons ago, I envisioned a mini-strip mall and perhaps a delightful trading post full of unique gifts. The shopping we did was at a “The Famous” Jackman Trading Post (even their web-site puts quotes around the famous) which had one of the most; let's call it eclectic, inventories I have ever seen. They had sweatshirts, a lot of sweatshirts, wigs, flip flops, walking canes, a stuffed laughing dog, books on wild flowers, whoopee cushions, and estate jewelry, all under the same roof. Oh, they sold soft serve ice cream too. Needless to say, I left empty handed, a little disappointed and was even more disappointed when we got in the truck and I asked 'okay now where?' and Mom said 'that was it'.

Feeling a sense of sadness and longing to get back the 53 minutes it took us to drive there and the 9 minutes we spent in the store, I looked up and saw a sign that read: Four Seasons Restaurant. Now for anyone who ever said the way to a WOman's heart is through her stomach, should probably write my obituary too, because they obviously know me better than anyone. I looked at my Mom and God luv ah, she was already pulling in the parking lot.

We walked into the restaurant which turned out to be a quaint little diner complete with family style tables, a few booths, friendly wait staff, and two shelves circling the entire restaurant holding up one of the most impressive coffee cup collections I have ever seen. Okay, it is the only coffee cup collection I have ever seen, but trust me, there were A LOT of cups!

The menu had everything from cheeseburgers to shepard’s pie. But what caught my eye was a fancy little number titled: Hot Hamburg Plate. The description read a hamburger and hand cut fries smothered with gravy and topped with peas. Now some of you may have said “EWWW” after reading that and I am willing to bet that you are also one of ‘those’ people who don’t like the food on your plate touching. You spend minutes carefully sorting each item on your plate and spend more time worrying about who’s touching who, than enjoy the food before you. You people make me want to reach over with my fork and mess up your plate!!

I on the other hand, am one of those people who just loves food, touching or not, I will eat it. So I ordered the Hot Hamburg Plate and this is what I got:

With a sprinkle of salt and a dash of pepper I devoured one of the best hamburgers, the best side of fries, the best brown gravy, and okay peas one big fork full after another.

So the lesson of the day is next time you are in Jackman, skip the Trading Post and head to the Four Season’s, order a Hot Hamburg Plate and sit back and enjoy the deliciousness!!


  1. My oldest daughter would have an absolute heart attack to see her all of the food on her plate touching in such a manner. The food in the Hot Hamburger Plate has gone way past the stage of canoodling. Is there such a thing as a "food prude"?

  2. ewwwwwww............ thats all I can say!!! lol


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