Monday, June 7, 2010

Hugs & Shrugs

HUGS: 1) Birthday’s; it’s that one day a year that is truly all about YOU! When people complain about them, I point out ‘they sure beat the alternative’ 2) John’s Ice Cream; I have proclaimed my love for this ice cream before, but here I go again, this week I am in heaven with their homemade peanut butter crunch, a T.B.O. to the tenth power!! 3) Ice Water; you are cheap, refreshing, fat AND calorie free, and are always on tap.

SHRUGS: 1) Hang nails; you are ugly and when I try to rip you off with my teeth you go on and bleed all over the place (eye roll) 2) A rattling exhaust; you remind me of my first car and instead of fixing you, you drive me (pun intended) to look for a new car, 3) BP Oil and their “back-up plan(s)”

If you are ever driving down Rt 3 in Liberty and see this sign, PULL IN!!


  1. This place is soooooooo yummie!

  2. I hate those damn hangnails toooo!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr

  3. Hugs ... those flowers on your new banner


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