Monday, June 28, 2010

Hugs & Shrugs

HUGS: 1) Family members who offer you their old cell phone because they heard you ‘allegedly’ dropped your phone in your driveway and your husband ran over it, 2) Preparation for my favorite day on the calendar – the 4th of JULY!! 3) The crunch/hot fudge layer in a Dairy Queen cake; we spent a lot of time together this weekend and I have the back fat to prove it.

SHRUGS: 1) People who can’t do a-n-y-thing for themselves 2) Those pesky little rings in a 3-ring binder that don’t line up correctly making it impossible to flip any more than three pages at a time, 3) Bills; someday I will get a paycheck I can use towards something I WANT, someday...

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