Sunday, October 7, 2012

HUGS & SHRUGS: Tootsie Fruit Rolls & Egg Rolls

1) Downy Unstoppable in-wash Scent Boosters; have you tried this yet? If you haven't OMW, go get yourself some. It's like little pebbles of fabric softener you put in the wash and it makes your clothes smell ah-may-zing! But amongst friends, I will buy any gimmick that gets me excited about doing laundry. 2) Starbucks Salted Caramel Latte - ahhhhh the sweet caramel flavor blended with a tang of salt, Mmmm 2) Tootsie Fruit Rolls; they have forever been my absolute favorite and Hannaford has them 50% off making them $1.44, so I bought seven bags. WHAT?! They are hard to find!

1) People who flip YOU the bird because THEY don't know which lane they are supposed to be in, 2) Egg Rolls; they look okay, smell really good, but taste - BLAT! Every time we order take out one of these are included, each time I think 'I will give it another shot' but my opinion never changes. 3) iTunes; no really I love iTunes, but it is so easy to buy music.. like a lot of music that I would never usually buy, but because they have everything and it only takes a click of the mouse to purchase it, I tend to do it... a lot and my checkbook just called and told me to stop or else she is going to bounce baby out the door...(ohh, I love that song... I'm going to Tunes...)

And because you now have that song in your head...

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