Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hugs & Shrugs, By YOU!

A few weeks ago I asked you readers for your Hugs & Shrugs and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of responses you left. I have read through them and have pasted some of my favorites below.

1) Have grandchildren for a sleepover, 2) My 2 year old's "I Luff Mommie", 3) Realizing that you have married the man of your dreams and he has help make your beautiful baby (babies) possible!!! 4) Becoming Grandma J what I have wanted since kindergarten when we had to choose what we wanted to be I chose "Grammie", 5) My forever friends
1) Sunday mornings when you go to make your coffee and all the k-cups are gone, 2) Going to empty the dishwasher this morning only to realize that it is broken, so 1.) I need to wash all the dishes by hand and 2.) I might need to go buy a new dishwasher, 3) GERMS!! Waking up with a sore throat AGAIN after having a nasty cold only 2 weeks ago. I think I need to start drinking purell!! 4) Gray hairs growing back in after a really nice hair color, 5) Lady Bugs!

Side note: I saw this image on Pinterest back in July, I thought it was hilarious because I sawthis outfit everywhere! It is now November and I am still seeing it!! It's either cold enough for boots or warm enough for shorts... It can not be both.

It's either cold enough for uggs or warm enough for shorts... It cannot be both.

Happy Sunday!

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