Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hugs & Shrugs - Christmas Lights & Brownie Pops

1) Christmas lights; although they don't give off any heat, or at least they shouldn't and if yours do throw them out immediately, seeing them all lit up makes me feel all warm and cozy, 2) Random hugs and kisses from my three year old; it's hard to believe one day she won't want to be with me 29 hours a day, 3) Businesses who treat their customers like they want to see them again; trust me, there are not many of them that do!

1) Getting into your car on a super cold day and greeted with the sweet scent of antifreeze blowing through the heater. Although the scent is easily mistaken for maple syrup and at first is quite pleasant, I am  pretty sure there is no pancake factory under my hood, which leaves only one possiblity which I do not want to put in writing, 2) Buying a new iPod only to discover you can put 13 more songs on it until you have to start deleting other songs, 3) The peppermint brownie pop at a super expensive chain coffee shop, the idea and title sound divine, but in reality it tastes like brownie mush covered in white chocolate, save the amount of money you would spend on this one pop and go buy yourself all the ingredients and make your own version, trust be you will be saving money.

And now for a random pictures I found on Pinterest, how cute are these little cupcakes???

Pinned Image
Happy Sunday!

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