Saturday, November 6, 2010

Little Love Birds, Maine Photography

Here are some Love Bird shots from last weekend's session. I am not 100% done with the shoot, but I know there is someone who is VERY anxious to see these images. So, because I am in the business of keeping happy clients, I present to you a little Love Bird session.

Susie, I hope your Mom doesn't get mad at me for this... :-P


My favorite.

Happy Saturday


  1. The last picture is AMAZING. Keep up the good work Amy!

  2. Although Anonymous (above) has a good eye there is something about the first photo that after just one glance was instantly burned into my memory. I loved it. There is magic going on in picture number one - they both seem to be saying "Here I am, and this is whom I love and I am here to protect them." Lucky for them they had a photographer who was on the ball and captured that feeling for us to get a peek into the depth of the feelings they have for each other. Love - it is truly a beautiful thing. Carolina


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