Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Sadly, we have arrived at today.. Yes it is Sunday, but not just any Sunday, today is the last Sunday of Summer 2010. So pack away your pool floats, beach towels, picnic baskets, and bathing suits and pull out those rakes, wool sweaters, fall decorations, and space heaters. Don’t cry, together we will support one another through yet another loong, loooong, Northeast Winter.

Let's pause for a short prayer and pray those bathing suits fit us next year... Amen!

Moving on.... So, I am going through some of my summer photos (organizing, none the less) and came across these fun pictures. This was a random day where it was too nice to stay inside, so with no destination in mind, my girlfriend and I packed up the diaper bags and minivan and headed to Belfast. If you live in Maine, or visit Maine, I highly recommend, first stopping at Dunkin' Donuts and grab yourself a little caffeine companion and then stop by this little park which is right on the ocean and spend an hour or two and let the kids go nuts!

What do you guys think about this cool collage!! I think it came out great and it's a neat change up from just posting one picture at a time on here. What do you think?

Happy Sunday!


  1. So when I was linking I wanted to leave a comment, but decided to return and give it it's due time. So here is what I see - the red everywhere holds it together and the quote brings us in to ponder. The beauty about the quote you chose is that it is applicable to everybody (10 points there). Now about those kids - you are lucky to "find" such adorable subjects. Next time I am in Maine, I may just have to eat one of them. Carolina

  2. Love it, love it (again)! haha

    I agree with what 'Muse of the Day' says....pulled together, quote, etc.



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