Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hugs & Shrugs: Mugs & Ice Cube Trays

HUGS: 1) My new Longaberger Candy Corn Travel Mug; it is festive, functional, and fits my hand like a glove, 2) the hype of vacation; planning for four nights and five days of sun, sand, and wedding celebrations - yeehaawww, 3) the people who comment on my blog posts; in a weird way receiving comments makes me feel validated as a 'blogger' and that people really a] read my blog and b] like what I am doing.

SHRUGS: 1) People who put an ice cube tray back in the freezer with only one ice cube in it...seriously, if you are not going to use that last piece of ice, pop it in the sink then FILL the ice tray back up before you put it back in the freezer, 2) Elusive milk cups in my car; nothing is worse than being able to SMELL the milk cup but not being able to SEE the milk cup... blat! 3) the hype of vacation; the thought of leaving my sweet pea and my husband for four nights and five days keeps creating a lump in my throat.

Happy Sunday!


  1. 26, 2010 at 6:40 PM

    Best Hugs and Shrugs so far. Don't forget to mention the lovely Longaberger Home Consultant that you bought the fabulous mug from. :)
    a)I do read your blog and
    b)I love it.

  2. Shrugs- wishing time was something that could be stretched out like taffy.
    Hugs- seeing all those senior portraits. You really are doing great work Amy.
    More hugs?- I am proud of you. Carolina


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