Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jeffrey - Maine Senior Portraits

Everyone has those ’kids’ in your life who will always be little kids to you, no matter how old they are, how many kids they may have or even if they have a better job than you, to you, they will always be little kids. Jeffrey is one of those ’kids’ to me.

I first met Little Jeffrey, gosh 14 years ago, back when he looked like this:
Cute right? Yep, he was a cutie; he was 4 playing outside in the dirt with Tonka trucks and Matchbox cars, he was a shy little guy who didn’t say much (at first) and most of the time was stuck like glue to his Dad’s side. Jeffrey’s Dad, Jeff, is a good friend of my husband, so over the years I have spent a lot of time with both Big and Little Jeffrey‘s. I have watched Jeffrey race mini four wheelers, graduate from a 50cc to an 85cc and finally to a 125cc dirt bike, I have watched him catch fish and pull ice fishing traps up for a dozen guys with no gloves on, I watched him grow into one of the most level headed, handsome, friendly, polite, and fun loving person you will ever meet.

As I look at these pictures today, I can’t believe how much he has changed… He has come along way from Tonka Trucks and Matchbox cars, but to me he will always be Little Jeffrey.


  1. Great work and story as always

  2. Excellent job as usual, Amy. You rock!

  3. please do NOT post any more pictures of gorgeous guys on your blog. This one is more than plenty to make me wish I was seventeen once again (sniff,sniff). Carolina

  4. Great Pics and a well written Blog... I couldn't agree more!


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