Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Banana Snacky Thingys

For anyone who has ever had a baby, heck if you have ever babysat a baby, you know things can go from good to bad or clean to disaster in the amount of time it takes you to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer.

This happened to me yesterday, I was in the midst of cooking supper, doing laundry, and trying to catch the weather man's bit about the upcoming Hurricane, when I heard my washer shut off. Baby E was toddling around, the hamburg was just starting to brown, and the water was not quite ready for my pasta, so I darted to the bathroom/laundry room to switch over the load. I was gone for mayyyybe all of 1 minute 16 seconds and when I came back to the kitchen this is what I saw:

A trail... a trail of baby snacks... who could it be?? How could it be?? I was getting closer.

FREEZE! Yes, I was on top of the counter when I took this picture and yes I am 87% she was taking mental notes on how I hoisted myself up there.

At first I was a little mad, I mean, those snacks and their crumbs were everywhere and with the amount of snacks scattered, I am pretty sure this was a brand new container. But luckily, she agreed to help with the clean up.

Annnnd managed to sneak in a couple bites here and there.

I said at first I was mad, but then I saw her little face and saw the drawer she took the snacks out of still half open. All I could image was what must have been going on in that little head when she saw me leave the room. "Oh, Oh, Mom is gone, where are those banana snacky things, oh they are in here, can I open the drawer? Oh I can, Owww man they are at the bottom. If I get on my tippy toes, yeah those are toes, I think they are toes, I bet I can get them. YAY I can get them! Now how do I open them, ahhh like this! Mmmm there are so many in here, whoops I just dumped them out, ught ooo I hear my Mom coming, look cute and she won't be mad."

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love it, so priceless

  2. She was right! "look cute and Mommy won't be mad". The picture of her little feet says it all -she is scrumptious.
    It reminds me of a day when my kids were little. Our house was "on the market" and we had people coming to see the house. It was the middle of winter so my kids had been playing indoors. In seconds the play room had been turned upside down. I told them to clean it up while I ran around the house picking up. All of a sudden there was this AWFUL smell - like B.O. really BAD B.O. I ran downstairs. The little one (age 2) had been told to put the crayons away, which she promptly had followed orders to do so. The only problem was that she had "put them away" in the heat registers. Needless to say, there were no buyers for the house that day.

  3. haha Love it! I think this is exactly what goes thru my Little Man's 21 mos brain when I decide to run and change the laundry quick. ;) Awesome pics too...

  4. I read this all the time =) That lil girl makes me smile EVERY time I see her no matter what she is up to! I just love can see the Leeman in her lil ways =) All the pics are priceless...then again a pic of that lil girl will always be!!


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