Monday, August 1, 2011

One Track Mind

Fishing. Not something I would drag my butt out of bed at 5am for, not something I would list as an interest on facebook, and certinetly nothing I would look forward to. My husband on the other hand... Fishing, Fishing, Fishing, he has a one track mind! So from time to time, we all go fishing.

Now don't get me wrong, I love to sit in the boat while soaking in some UV rays. Back in the day we used to spend hours and hours on local lakes, ponds, and rivers. He would fish, I would lay back with a good book, the both of us would be happy. Notice how I said 'back in the day'. These days, there is a new captain in town.

Usually she jumps from one thing to another; one minute she wants to drive, the next she wants to lay on the floor, touch the water, play with the fishing rods, but on this particular day, like her father she had a one track mind.

This bobber. She HAD to have it with her the entire trip. "Bobbah, Bobbah??" It was (is) disgusting, I am pretty sure those are worm guts, but whatever, it kept her entertained for 1.5 revolutions around the lake.

I hate to admit it, but I too had a one track mind on this particular trip.

Wouldn't these Dave Davis fishing lures make fabulous earrings? Maybe a little much for earrings, so how about a pendant? Seriously, I could not stop thinking about it. My plan is to wait until open water fishing season is over, swipe two of these from the tackle box, attach a couple of earring hooks  and see if  my husband notices.

Although the boat contained three minds in three different places the most important thing is, is that we were there together!

Happy Monday!


  1. You guys are adorable. Whatever. :) <3Ash

  2. Your life is good, Amy. One bobbah and one and a half times around the lake? Sounds like life is good. Carolina


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