Sunday, August 21, 2011

Carrie & Devin - Sneak Peek!

For their 10 year wedding anniversary Carrie and Devin decided to mark the event by renewing their wedding vows in a beautiful intimate ceremony in Tenants Harbor. I am going through some of the pictures right now and am just GA-GA over the location Carrie picked!!!

I can't wait to go through these images in their entirety, but here is a small taste of what is to come.


  1. Thank you soooooo much Amy!!!! We ended up having perfect weather and I felt like a princess all day :) Absolutely beautiful location, I can't stop smiling after looking at these pictures!!!

  2. Carrie, you ARE so BEAUTIFUL, your hard work has truly paid off!! Such a special event, to renew your vows!!

  3. omg carrie the pics arte awsome you and devin look great, and girl you look so awsome. love you,


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