Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today we went sledding and it was quite the adventure. Let's just say the last time I went sledding I was in a one piece snowsuit and my dad pulled me up the hill. A lot has change since the mid-80's, most notably my age and the addition of a 25lb baby in a sled that I have to pull!

It was the perfect day to go sledding, the snow was nice and soft, the weather was pretty warm for this time of the year and we had five children under the age of six who couldn't wait to slid down a hill... okay so really there was only one kid, and she was the six year old, the others probably would have shown some excitement or hesitation, but they couldn't move in all their snow gear - HA!

Here are some photos from our first trip up the hill;  there was crying, a lot of huffing and puffing, and I am pretty sure someone asked if we were done yet; I will not disclose if that came from the kids or the Moms.
Let the fun begin!
These two cracked me up. Neither could really move in all their snow gear, so there they sat, watching only what was directly in front of them as they could barley more their heads. Every once in a while they would motion their hands with their upside down mittens for some snow to eat.  If they could talk I am sure they would have said something like:

O: "Hey, look at your hat, why is your visor flipped up like that?'
E: "Because my Mom is a weirdo.  This playing in the snow stuff is way overrated"

 Happy Saturday!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! Those little snow babies are toooo cute!


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