Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hugs & Shrugs - Wellies & Dust

It has been a while since we have done one of these, so here we go!

1) Makoto Ginger Dressing - Years ago there was this great little Japanese restaurant in town who had the BEST ginger dressing, it was so good I could have drank it by the glass. Unfortunately the place closed and ever since I have been longing for that sweet salty ginger glaze to once again coat my lettuce and shredded carrots. Well friends, that search has come to an end, my taste buds are once again graced with the tangy combination of soy sauce and ginger. Alas!

2) Yo Gabba Gabba - If you just said 'what the heck is a Yo Gabba Gabba', friends you are not alone. I have no idea, all I know is that it is on Nick Jr and my daughter LOVES IT!! It is on right around the time we get home at night and it entertains her long enough for me to figure out what I am cooking for supper.

3) My new L.L. Been Wellies - having endured 29 winters and mud seasons in Maine, this girl can appreciate a good rubber boot when she tries one on. I have 'invested' in cheaper more trendy rubber boots in the past and needless to say they have all left me, well my socks really, out to dry. They have all cracked, leaked, and tore around the treads, so this week, enough was enough. If you are looking for some good rubber boots, get yourself a pair of these. If they are a little too 'functional' looking for your taste, invest in some Wellie Warmers, they look adorable folded over the top of your boots, plus they are made of fleece inside!

1) Ladies in Wal*Mart who feel the need to tell their pregnant friend and everyone else at the check out line about their 17 hour labor. No body cares how long you were at 5cm and nobody, certainly not your pregnant girlfriend wants to hear about how many stitches it took to 'zip' you back up!! Yes, this really happened.

2) Dust - where do you come from anyway. Can't you just find somewhere else to hang out??

3) My iPod - which keeps freezing. I 'googled' a remedy the other day and when I did it resynced my ipod and my itunes and I lost 80% of my music, does anyone out there know what might be the issue causing it to freeze?!? Until a remedy is googled, commented, or suggested my once Hug of an iPod is permanently on the Shrug!

Happy Sunday


  1. BTW
    is a four letter word.

  2. do you back up your computer? If so, go back to the day before you lost 80% of your songs and they will be right back where they are supposed to be. As far as your ipod freezing? I would put in a question directly to mac.


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