Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Place Like Home!

Winter is in full swing around here; the lakes are almost completely frozen, sandals are no longer part of the wardrobe, there is more salt on my car than my dinner plate, and this morning it was 2 degrees outside! TWO DEGREES!! As much as I sometimes complain about it, I don’t really mind this time of year. Sure, I miss my flower gardens, the smell of fresh cut grass, and the mornings where I don’t have to wrestle baby E to get in her snowsuit, but if we lived in an area where we skipped this time of year altogether, I would miss it.

I walked out of our local store last night and lined up at the gas pumps were a half dozen snowmobiles, as I walked by I got a whiff of exhaust mixed with the gas infused with the crisp cold January air and it smelled like 'UMMM'. Call me crazy (crazy) but I just looooooove that smell. It brings back memories of snowmobiling with my brothers and cousins on the ice when we were kids.

I am also a huge fan of snow storms… I love everything about them, not so much the driving in the them, but I love the hype before a storm hits, seeing the first snowflake fall from the sky, being at home all snuggled in on the couch with the lights turned off and the lights on outside showcasing the beauty of the weather event. During a big snow storm there is snow place like home.

Can you believe that some people will go their whole life without ever seeing snow!!? Never driving in snow, never eat it, never feel a snow flake fall on their face?! It almost seems unbelievable doesn’t it?

Well, we just so happened to have a snow storm this week, here are some pictures I shot from inside my car while I wanted for my husband to plow me a path up the driveway.

Happy Saturday!


  1. When we were younger (and no one was looking) Guy would drag me every where to go sliding with him. I do miss Winter as a child. Living on the lake, Snowmobiling, Ice Fishing, Ice Skating, and was so much FUN! I do feel bad for those who have never had the same experiences.

  2. I think that many people who hate living in snowy climes might be missing one key factor - THAT HUSBAND OF YOURS !!!!!!
    I might take a liking to it if I waited in my car while I watched my darling swipe the snow away before my very eyes. I just spent all of last week shoveling and swiping while my husband was away- I'll tell you that I had my fair share of cussing and my mind became an instant photo album of all the warm, sunny places I have been too. Carolina


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