Monday, January 10, 2011

The Gee-tahh

I know, it's spelled wrong, but doesn't it looking way cooler spelled that way?! And don't event ry to kid yourself, it felt cool saying it that way too.

Among dumping out cereal boxes, spitting out raisins, pulling on the dogs ears, and laughing at her burps, baby E looooves music! I tell everyone she gets that from her Momma. On the weekends while I am dumping load after load in to the washing machine, vacuuming up the never ending abyss of dog hair, and picking up every blanket, towel,  and t-shirt E has stashed in some random spot, I have the music justah blaring in the background. I am not picky either, sometimes I have CMT on, sometimes I peruse the 800's (directv stations) until I hear something I like. Among my best attempts of cleaning, I will stop for a mini-break down session. I bustah move on my dirty floors and let my arms fly around like the dog hair on the floor and right beside me is Baby E. She is the best dance partner I have ever had, she claps, squeals in delight, and when I stop she will sometimes cry.

Not only does she love to listen to music, she also loves to make music. Just a few weeks ago, I heard her singing in her bedroom, I stopped in the kitchen and just listened; it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. My husband and I don't play any particular instrument well. I can play "when the saints go marching in' on the harmonica and my husband has a gee-tahh. Every once in a while he will take it out and play us a little "Crazy Train", "Stairway to Heaven", and per my request he will do a little "Love Song" by Tesla. When he plays for us, Baby E can't get enough; she will dance, laugh, and try to play it herself. It is a riot! So when Christmas came around, I just had to get her a little gee-tahh of her own and when I saw this little gem at the Christmas Tree Shop for a whopping $8.99, it was in my cart faster than a spray tan on the Jersey Shore!

Just as I predicted, she LOVED it! As soon as she unwrapped it she started playing. It was too cute for words, so I will let these pictures do the talking.

Bending the strings just like Daddy showed her.

 Happy Monday!


  1. She is going to have the BEST collection of baby pictures when she grows up. I can't think of a better way to grow up than surrounded by music. I loved the line "....faster than a spray tan on the Jersey Shore" - that was pure, classic "Amy".

  2. OMG!!!! She is sooooo stinkin cute!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amy she is such a doll! I love the request for the love song by Tesla <3 I bet I can name it!

  4. She is wonderful!! So cute with her fingers so perfectly on the frets! Love it!


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