Friday, January 21, 2011

D.O.N.E. Done!

D.O.N.E.! DONE! Yep, I am done, done with Old Man Winter. Old Man here is your bag, your boots, and your gloves, now don’t let the door hit you where the good lord spit ya! Yeah, I know, a post ago I was all about the snow. But that was over a week ago, before I started a new job 28 miles from my house, which I can only get to by driving on back roads. Yep O.V.A.H. it!

Specifically I am sick of the following, in no particular order:

- every time I hit the button to defrost my back windshield something interferes with my radio signal making every station sound like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard

- my window ‘scraper’ yeah, that thing is about a useful as an O’dules in Lindsey Lohan’s refrigerator. When there is a foot of snow on my car and three inches of ice on my windshield, what I really need is an industrial sized sweeper and a jack hammer, neither of which will fit in my car

- everyone out there who think that because there is .25” of snow on the road, you need to drive .99 miles an hour WITH YOUR HAZARDS ON?!? Hazards? Really? I will tell you what is a hazard, you in front of me driving .99 mph at 6:42 in the morning when I haven’t stopped to pick up my coffee yet, yep you are what is standing in the way of ME and MY COFFEE, I would be issuing caution with flashing lights too! (just for the record, I don't drive like a speed demon in the snow)

Hummm, what else!

- trucks with snow plows, no not the great big ones who are plowing for the state with my tax dollars, I am talking about the people out there who just because their truck says 4X4 on the side, they feel the need to throw a 9’ plow on their trucks and drive down the middle of the road. Yeah buddy I got it, I am driving a little car and you have a great big truck with a great big plow, owww so impressive, now get on your own side of the road before your plow (pun intended) into my car which will result in ME owning your great big truck with a great big plow!

- getting up and leaving the house an hour early hoping to make it to work on time, only to arrive 15 minutes late

Holy, that felt good! Phew, I guess driving to and from work all week on snow covered grounds builds up a little tension. I can't be alone out there, all you Mainer’s reading this, what are you SICK of??


  1. That was my issue when I was living up in Maine. Sure the snow was beautiful, and when there was plenty of it, it was wonderful (and spectacular) to go out and play in it, but 90% of the time most people just have to get to work and it becomes nerve racking and all-consuming. Every time we used to go to Florida to check on one of our businesses, I would look around me and see everybody there doing the same thing - going to work, except their commute didn't leave them in a sweat from clearing the driveway and the car of snow and ice, arriving to work in snow boots with a pair of work shoes in a bag, and worrying about wether or not they would make home safe. I hear you, Amy. Maine is the best place to live if you don't have to deal with an early winter morning commute just to put food on the table. Carolina

  2. Amy, it's still only January!! We have lots more winter left. You need a vacation to a tropical place; usually helps to put things into perspective, for a short time anyway.
    As for me...I Love winter and everything it brings!


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