Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Stroller

How many of you have children who received more gifts for Christmas than calories you devoured on Christmas day?? Holy cow, there are still presents I have yet to unpackage and put away. Side Note: what is UP WITH ALL THE PACKAGING! Seriously, how many super thin wire tie-thingies does it take to keep a baby doll in place. And don't even get me typing about the little kitchen set we bought her; apparently every teensy-tiny item  requires its' very own little plastic baggy which of course is thrown in another baggy, which of course needs to be encased in a Styrofoam shell surrounded by larger tie-thingies... my word! By the time we would get one gift unpackaged, she had already moved on to the next one - MAN!
Okay, done with that rant... In all the wonderful gifts she received there are a few that she just absolutely loves. One of them being her baby stroller. This is a stroller for her babies (that seems pretty self explanatory, but for those of you who don't have toddlers, that may have been a "huh?"). As you can see, she adores this toy... for herself!

I told her the stroller was not for her; evidently the news of that was shocking!

A close up of the disbelief:

I told her it was for her babies.
So what does she do, she goes and gets one of her babies
and plops back down in the stroller.

I will share a few other of her favorites over the next few days.
CLUE: another one of her favorites is showing in each of these pictures :-D

Happy Tuesday!


  1. YUMMMMY. The "E" in Baby E stands for "edible". She is absolutely scrumptious. Her hat is to die for. My girls loved their baby strollers. I remember them putting the dog in it and seeing them take off down the street. This post is one for the memory books. Carolina

  2. She is too cute! I love that she took in what you said about it being her baby's stroller and not hers, grabbed her baby and sat her on her lab as she hopped back in! What a smart lil girl! Love all the pics and can't get enough of that ADORABLE face in that fabulous lil hat!


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