Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maine Family Photography

My Sunday mornings are usually spent sipping coffee and hanging laundry, but not this morning. This morning I met up with on of my oldest friends (not age oldest!) and her beautiful little family. I have photographed them before and each time they are a pleasure to work with and the kids just crack me up!

Before we took off to our shooting destination we had to decide on a shooting destination. There is this old abandoned mill in the next town over I have been dying to shoot at, but someone thought we may get kicked out, and in hind sight they were probably right. So instead we took a jont down the road and through the woods to grandma's house, haha, no not really. Danny knew of this amazing little spot, literally, in the middle of the woods. Come to find out back in the 1800's this used to be an old lumber mill. The rock work was amazing and the lighting was a dream.

So I got to shoot at an old abandoned mill, just not the one I had my heart set on, but I am glad they talked me out of it or else I would not have been able to capture these amazing shots!

I think this is my favorite of the day!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Yes, Amy, the last one is a keeper. What I want to know is - how did you get that dog to pose? In the second shot of him he looks like he might fall off. Did you use that old photographer trick - super glue? Of all of them, the family one where two of them are holding on to the gate is my favorite. You are very lucky, Amy, to have a family to photograph where by they are all good looking. Carolina

  2. Photo # 3
    All good but, this one has an essence about it. Contemplative, you could say.


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