Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hugs & Shurgs

HUGS: 1) the new McDonald's Frappes; if you haven’t had one yet, What are you waiting for? Try the mocha first, then go back the next day and try the caramel, you will not be disappointed. 2) Camping; you are the perfect excuse for me to eat like a 15 year old boy and drink ice cold beer at 10a. 3) Old(er) people who finally splurge on THEMSELVES. I saw an old lady the other day driving a shiny convertible, top down, with a smile a mile wide! I wanted to scream out my moon roof’ “You Go Girl!”

SHRUGS: 1) Humidity; you make it impossible to dry clothes on the line and make it unbearable to live in my house without A/C, please e-mail me your address so I can send you my power bill which doubled last month. 2) Camping, you are cold, dirty, and malicious; I know it was you who coerced that squirrel to run beside my tent all night, the sound of which I convinced myself was a BEAR, thanks for the sleepless night(s). 3) Waitresses who are not shiny, happy people, you can make the best steak taste like crap!

This was the view from our campsite, not too shabby...

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  1. I was getting all your Hugs and your Shrugs. After seeing the view from your campsite, I think your Shrugs just might keep you in check with reality. Honestly, Amy, ... after camping there I would think you would be Shrug free for quite some time. I remain your friend, but now I am green with envy. Carolina


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