Sunday, August 29, 2010

Derek & Diana - {Engagement}

I begin this post by asking the question; Do you know cows have more than one stomach? I bet you didn’t and neither did I until this morning. This morning I photographed an adorable couple who will be tying the knot in just a few weeks on 10/10/10 - I wish I would have been creative enough to schedule my wedding on a cool date. Although we got married in 06; 06/06/06 prooobably not the best wedding date!

I digress, we began the shoot in one location and while snapping away, I learned they had a pet cow, yes a cow and they call this cow George. Once I heard this I knew we had to find this George and incorporate him into some photos. And we did! George is a calf and lives among BIG cows who leave BIG patties everywhere (we all know what I am typing about right?!?). Someone asked why these patties were so LARGE and at that time is when I learned cows have multiple stomachs, if you want more information on this fun fact, click here.

Enough about stomachs, let’s get to the pictures. Here are some of my favorite shots from our time together, thank you so much for opportunity to photograph you two and best of luck, wishes, and kisses on your upcoming wedding day.

Work it!!

I present to you George, the pet cow


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