Sunday, August 22, 2010

Homework - Complete!

A few days ago I sent out an ICMAD (pronounced 'ekk-mad' and yes I just made that word up), also known as “I Can’t Make A Decision” to my bloggidiers. I needed help in deciding which image to submit to the Go{4}Pro Photography Homework Assignment. I couldn’t decide between seven images, so I put it out to my readers and asked for help and booooy did I get some! WOW!! I received 33 comments on my blog, set a new record for blog visits in one day, I also received a dozen e-mails and some verbal votes as well!!

Well, the votes have been tallied and my homework has been passed in.

Drum Roll Plllllease - WINNER Meatloaf Dinner goes to #3!!

I was tickled pink to see this image win as it is a true representation of expression. These two did NOT want their photograph taken and I think that is pretty clear given the expression on their faces and body language :-D

Photo #1 was a close second followed by #5, #4, #6, #2, and #7.

Thanks again to everyone who voted!!

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  1. PHEW
    I didn't want to say anything - you know ... play the teacher role, let the student make up their own mind and all that jazz. If you hadn't picked this one, I don't know what I was going to do or say. It is by far (hands down) the best one for the assignment. They were all good photos, but this one gets an A for the homework assignment at hand, not to mention that it was also my favorite. Carolina


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