Sunday, July 18, 2010

Walk With Me

A while ago one of my favorite bloggers, Carolina Ellis from The Muse of the Day, created a post she called “Walk With Me”, check it out. The post was simple and sweet, Carolina brought her camera along for a walk around her property and documented what she saw. This post inspired me to bring along my camera the next time baby E and I went for a walk. I was amazed at what you can see when you are looking! In the next few photos, I invite you to sit back and take a Walk With Me.

Walk with me past the water where boats nestled in their lifts enjoy a much needed rest Monday- Friday

Old trees which have served as an Insect Diner to Woodpeckers summer after summer after summer...

A bush of blackberries, (note to self: location of these berries of deliciousness)

Camps, I would sacrifice my right pinkie for, sit abandoned 51 weeks out of the year

Sand barrels, placed here decades ago now sit rusted and rotting into the soil

I tried to get a closer look at the advertising on the barrel to see if I could find a date, then I remembered it has been a while since I had a tetanus shot and moved along

During our one mile walk I saw many things I have never noticed before, some ancient, some products of natures beauty, but my favorite sight was with me the entire time.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Thanks for the walk! I love all the pics and got a lil tear in my eye at the sight of the camp on Leeman Arm Road...then again at the last pic with the adorable words above my lil nieces toe toes!! AHHH a great walk!

  2. Amy, you made me cry.
    Yes, somewhere in Tennessee, on top of a mountain, is a lady crying because she feels that the brief stint she had teaching at a school in Maine had an affect on a beautiful young girl who was full of life.
    I can not thank you enough. Carolina

  3. What a nice walk and so early in the morning!!! Beautiful - thanks.


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