Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three Reasons...

I write this in hopes of getting the word out on appropriate summer/age clothing. You may ask ‘Amy, what credentials do you have to offer in the arena of fashion,’ to which I will respond: I sporadically watch “What Not to Wear”, my subscription to Cosmo ran out years ago, I have never purchased a Vanity Fair magazine, but I have a friend who went to Fashion Week in NYC a couple times... and there you have it!

Although my credentials fall short, you don’t need a PH. D. to know that micro mini-skirts over the age of 30 is pushing it, 35 you are right on the edge, 40 seriously?! NO DON’T DO IT! It doesn’t look good, I don’t care if your husband says you look hot, YOU DON’T, he is only saying that because he wants you to grab him another beer. And if you have grand babies and dare to step off your deck in a mini-skirt AND bikini top to jaunt around public, good luck!

Three reasons you should not wear a micro-mini skirt:
  1. Your underwear cover more of your behind than your skirt
  2. The back of your legs, look like a road map of Boston (post Big Dig)
  3. You have to ask yourself – “Is this too short”

 Let’s move on. There is a lady who I see from time to time who recently lost a bunch of weight, like 40 pounds and looks great! I was standing behind her in the cafeteria the other day and heard her talking with someone about losing the weight and how she was so excited to finally reach her goal she went out and spent an entire paycheck on new clothes... at Deb’s – what?! Deb’s, are you kidding me? She said her and her daughter went and she let her daughter (who is a freshman in high school) pick out a bunch of new clothes for her. The last time I went into Deb’s I was 17 and looking for a prom dress. Perhaps their inventory has matured in the last 11 years, but I doubt it, no I know it hasn’t. Sigh... now I know we don’t have a lot of options around here, but may I suggest Kohl's, Christopher Banks, even Sears. You worked your a$$ off, literally, for 6 months and you reward yourself with some cropped tees and bedazzled capri’s?

 Three reasons you should not shop at Deb’s

  1. You have a driver’s license
  2. You don’t get carded when buying alcohol at Hannaford (side note: they card everyone!)
  3. You still think Barry Gibb is the cutest Bee Gee
Then it got me wondering if she is related to the lady I was behind at Hannaford the other day that had a High School Musical purse. At first I moved my cart to the side anticipating her 8 year old daughter would come running up with the gallon of milk she forgot and then take back her High School Musical purse. So imagine my surprise when the cashier gave her the total and she pulled out her check book!!

Three reasons not to use a High School Musical Purse:
  1. Your age is in the double digits
  2. You have a check book with real checks that are drawn off a legitimate bank
  3. You are doing groceries
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Amy you crack me up!! I love reading your blogs. It makes me smile everytime. Thank you:)~ Jenn

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!! So true!!!

  3. I agree. There comes a point (and I past it several years ago) that women have to throw out all those clothes. It takes a little work but there is nothing more hip than a woman who is confident of who she is and shows it in the fashion she wears. I actually think picking clothes to wear gets easier as I get older, the hard part is making sure I fit in them.
    BTW, Amy, I am back from my vacation sans the internet ... I recommend checking all internet availability BEFORE planning the itinerary.


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