Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have been feeling crafty lately. I have all these ideas that are brewing, but for some reason the only place they are percolating is in my head.  Actually, I know exactly why they aren't pouring out , it's called T.I.M.E., as in I don't have enough. Between working a full-time job, trying to be the best Mom and wife I can be, there is just not enough time in the day to do all that my brain wants me to do. So I have decided to create a little notebook where I will jot down ideas and when I get a spare moment or two, I will work on one.

Today, was one of those days where I was able to bring one of those ideas to life! A while ago, I saw this cute as a button, little girl wearing a flowered headband. It was a simple headband, with artificial flowers attached to the side. The first two words that popped in my head were 1) SO 2) CUTE, immediately followed by, "I could make those!".  So today, on my lunch break, I drove down to A.C. Moore and purchased some materials.

Not knowing exactly what to buy, I browsed the store and ended up with a three bundles of headbands, one bundle having a thicker width than the others (I was thinking I could wrap these ones with ribbon), hence the ribbon, rhinestone brads, fabric glue, and a package of pre-cut flowers. (notice the clearance tags; since this is my first run, I decided to buy cheap in preparation of frustration and never wanting to do this again).

As soon as I got home, I dumped everything out on the table and let the creative juices flow:

It started with one flower:

Not too bad, so one flower turned into three flowers:

And three flowers turned into a lot of flowers:

So then I tried adhering a few of my favorite flowers to a headband. I selected one of the thinnest headbands hoping I could wrap the brad around the band, but the band was still a little too thick, but I was able to make it work for one picture.

Not bad for my first try. I have some kinks to work out, but I think some of my favorite little nieces and cousins will be getting a few adorable little headbands for Christmas.


  1. You knew when you posted this that I was going to LOVE it. You know what else would be cool ... Valentine's day headbands, all in shades of pink. I can just see a bunch of little girls all lined up with them on.

  2. these are so cute!

  3. These are so cute! Love the colors and the use of different materials. Have a great weekend!


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