Thursday, October 21, 2010

Would You Rather Wednesday... only it's Thursday

I love blogs! For me, they are a great source of inspiration, joy, and comfort (it’s nice to know there are people ‘like me’ out there). I noticed on a few of my favorites they have ‘theme’ posts, for example Ashley Ann, Under the Sycamore is doing a month long theme with the number 10, others have a fill in the ______ post on a particular day, some have Wordless Wednesday’s where they simply just post a picture, I am liking these ‘themes’. So because I am totally unoriginal, I am going to start a ‘theme’ post. I think I am going to call it “Would You Rather Wednesday Post”. So here I am a day late and a buck short, with my first “Would You Rater Wednesday” {only it’s obviously Thursday}

Would you rather:
Have $10 in savings because you spent the rest today
Have $10,000 in savings because you may need for tomorrow

Let me know what YOU would rather, in a comment below. :o)


  1. Definitely $10,000 in savings... Dave Ramsey has made me think that way! lol

  2. I'm with Adrienne. Love me some Dave Ramsey and put it in the bank !

  3. Spend it!! If I spend it on something fun - like a trip to Scotland with my wife!!

  4. Cant I have both????? ugh.......


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