Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Morning at Our House

This morning started out like every other morning, only a little earlier than usual, 5:30am to be exact. My little Sweet Pea was excited to start the weekend I guess, so the whole house was up and a buzz by 5:42am. As we were sitting on the couch watching the morning weather, I looked over to my little buddy and all I could do was smile. Yes, it was early, yes, I would have loved to sleep in another 23 minutes, but being up before the world is part of being a Mom. Plus, she looked so darn cute, I had to go get my camera.

Then I realized just about everything she does is so darn cute; so I decided to document Sweet Pea's morning, well the first five hours of it anyway. Here is how the rest of the early a.m. went.

Watched some cartoon's while Mom is on a work conference call.

Gave my doggie some lovies.

Emptied my basket of blankies.

Oops, where did she go?

Played with my Daddy.

Read myself a book.

And finally, five hours later, I take a little nap.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. What a great post Amy - and what a beautiful little girl you have there.

    They grow up so FAST!!

    The only part of this whole post that was bad was that whole work conference call on a Saturday morning thing.

  2. You HAVE to frame these & hang them up together in a series. She will love to see this when she is a young teen. I am glad you aren't asking us to pick out our favorite photo because it would be impossible. Carolina

  3. Amy, this is such a wonderful site. I love the picture of her reading the book! Wonderful photos!

  4. Aunties lil Bday Baby! She is sooooo adorable she gives me "Happy Tears"! I <3 HER!!!

  5. Every time you do an "Ellie" Blog, I can't read it fast enough! I love them they tend to be my favs! I agree with the Muse of The Day 100%! I always think OH THIS IS MY FAV BLOG then you come up with a new "Ellie" Blog and I just fall in love with it...GREAT BLOG! As ALWAYS what a beautiful lil girl<3


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