Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday's Would You Rather...

Would you rather:

Live in a house worth more than your car


Drive a car worth more than your house


  1. I would rather LIVE - in order to really do that I question the need of having a house or a car at all. The times in my life, Amy, that I have felt most alive have been the times I owned neither house nor car. As you know, I have traveled quite a bit and seen many parts of this world, and if I really had a "Wednesday -would-you-rather" epiphany, I would sell it all and take off, family in tow, happy as could be. Carolina

  2. house, I am going with the house!

  3. I'm going with the house for sure.
    Someone would really have to love that car if they chose that vs. a home ;)


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