Friday, June 15, 2012

What to get the Old Man

If you are like me you dread any event that involves buying the men in your life a gift. It’s not that I don’t love and appreciate them; it’s because I never know what to buy. As we all know Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday and I have been spending the good part of this week racking my brain on what to get the Dad's in my life. Seriously party people, what do you get for these men who have EVERYTHING!? And don’t even try to ask them what they want, because you will receive nothing, not even a morsel of information. I had the conversation with my husband last night:

Me: Is there anything special you would like for Father’s Day?
Him: No.
Me: Nothing? Can you at least give me an idea; do you want to go somewhere for the day, go out to eat? Anything.
Him: Nope.
Him: Errrr how about some new socks.

See, those conversations are about as useful as an SPF 4; the effort was applied, but in the end I still got burned.

So, here are a few gift ideas I found while poking on the web that the Old Man will sure to love.


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all crafts 32 Best Homemade Fathers Day Gifts
(Soda Pop (IBC Rootbeer), Popcorn, Pop-tarts, and a Blow Pop lollipop)

Get creative with your camera!

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Make a Sweet Gift Basket!


Here is the link to this project, it includes FREE PRINTABLES!! AWESOME!

I found this super cool web-site with a bunch of neat gift basket ideas.

What ever you decide to do for the Dad's in your life this weekend, nothing will mean more to him than knowing that you love and appreciate him, so take time this weekend to let him know both!

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