Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1st Day of Summah!

Happy 1st day of Summer!!! If you are like me, you have waited nine long months for this day to come and boy she is coming in with a large HELLL-O! I accentuated the helll in hello because that is how hot it is going to be around here for the next few days.

Take a look for yourself.

So like a true Mainer, I am complaining because I haven’t sweat outside in over 150 days and now I am complaining because I am sweating outside…

Anywho, there a quite a few things I am looking forward to this summer; Miss. E’s third birthday party, a road trip the Mystic Aquarium, the 4th of July, friends visiting from Colorado, completing two more classes toward my M.B.A., and most importantly I am embracing the fact that I don’t have to search for matching pairs of socks every morning!!

Happy Wednesday!

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