Sunday, June 3, 2012

It is safe to say...

1. It’s time to lay off the potato salad if you have to pull your shorts up over your gut in order to sit comfortably in your lawn chair,

2. Wearing a string bikini is strongly discouraged if you have to do the above,

3. Running away from a three year old armed with a loaded water hose will not guarantee you stay dry,

4. Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce is the best BBQ sauce on the market,

5. If you hang two loads of laundry on the line, someone next door will spark up a campfire,

6. Tearing off the top of a 12 pack and pouring ice on top is one of the best ideas of our time,

7. If the last time you wore that sun dress, you had a matching banana clip in your hair, it’s time to go sundress shopping,

8. The hair line on your forehead requires sunscreen, especially if your hair is pulled back and you plan on bronzing in the sun for 8+ hours,

9. I am already over the Presidential election,

10. I am addicted to Scentsy.

Happy Sunday!


  1. this made me laugh out loud this morning!! I think coffee came outa my nose!!! lol!!

  2. Hooray! A post from Amy!!!
    I hate to sound "old", but I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about on #6.
    A 12 pack of what?

  3. pretty sure your takling about me with the sundress one HA!


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