Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stupid Phone

Smart phone, iphones, that phone, your phone, everywhere you looks its phone phones. Not real phones of course, I am typing about cell phones. There are certain things I refuse to buy generic or cheap; coffee, mac and cheese, soda, and camera accessories to name a few, but cell phones… I could care less.

I was in town a while ago and the ladies in front of me were each talking up their phones, I have no idea what kind of phones they were but this one had this and that one did that, it was like a sit down peeing contest, only we were all standing in line.

I have a cell phone, have had one for a number of years, however I have never had the latest and greatest cell phone. Today I make my outgoing calls on a Razr phone, remember how cool those were five years ago? Don’t lie, you had one and I bet it was red. My phone rings when someone wants to get a hold of me, charges in a jiffy, and it receives text messages… wait I have to rant about text messages for a second.

Call me prehistoric, but I do not have a calling plan that includes texting. Why? Because I hate to text! Probably because I don’t have a keyboard on my phone and it takes me over 35 button pushes to text “what’s going on”. But unfortunately for me, my thumbs, and my calling plan, everyone and their sister’s cousin’s co-worker texts. It costs me $.25 each time I send out a text, when in reality my carrier should PAY ME $.25 a text because it is that labor intensive. And why does everyone feel the need to text anyway? If you want to know what we are up to tonight or you want my recipe for chocolate chip cookies, CALL ME! I am not going to put that in a text!! Oh and what is up with you people who send you a text but then don’t answer your phone? Really, what happened in those 13 seconds it took for you to hit send and me for me to press call? Sigh…

I realize that my phone (and calling plan) is ancient, or as I like to call it Vintage, I know that 90% of the kids at my daughter’s daycare have cooler phones than me, I see you pointing and laughing at my phone and me while I try to text and I am cool with all that. In comparison to your Smart phone, mine is dumb, but it serves its purpose and I use all that money I save from my monthly calling plan and my initial super duper better than your phone purchase to buy all that name brand coffee, mac and cheese, soda, and camera accessories!

Happy Weekend.


  1. hahahahahhahahahah!!!!! I AM one of those other people with the 'super cool' and always 'new' phone!!!!! lmao!!! Couldnt possibly imagine going back to a Razr!!! And, yes, I am a texter. Always texting. I think I text you???? Didnt realize that there were actually people who did NOT have a texting plan!!! I dont think me, Marc, Mitch, or Bay would ever talk if we didnt have texting!!.... no, just kidding. Thats an exageration but.... still. I love to text!!! Oh, and by the way..... Im sure that your phone isnt dumb Amy....just uneducated!!! lol Love ya!!!

  2. Love it & agree...I am with the next dinosaur cell phone user too!

  3. If anything, I am jealous that you are still happily rockin a "vintage" phone. I wish I had never switched sides.. I'm sure there are people out there getting special help for text/mobile internet addictions. I am trying, taking it one day at a time. I even lowered my texts from unlimited to 500 and am doing very well with it.. However, I do find that with my mobile internet I am doing my part to save the trees, as I receive almost zero mail. You go girl!


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