Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Big Three-Zero

Today is the day I enter the third decade of my life. Back when I was 18 I would have shuttered at the thought of turning 30, but then again, I probably would have done the same at the thought of turning 25. Growing up I remember one of my Aunt’s turning 30; I remember her being so depressed that entire day, she made us kids pop all the balloons in the house and wouldn’t even eat her cake, I also remember a different Aunt hitting the high road to Florida the day she turned 30 so no one would have a chance to sing to her or have her walk into a Legion Hall just to have 130 of her closest friends and family yell “SURPRISE”. Funny I don’t remember my Mom turning 30 though.

A lot of people have asked me ‘what do you think of turning 30?’ A wise lady I used to work with always said that being able to celebrate a birthday always beats the alternative, so that’s what I have been telling them.

Every time I think of 30, I keep hearing that Tim McGraw song, In My Next 30 Years. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have had a lot of time alone lately to think about that… my next 30 years and here are just a few things I have come up with.

In My Next Thirty Years:

I will care less about the label on the inside of my purse and more about whether or not I actually have it with me,

I will not try to keep up with the Joneses; instead when I invite them over to dinner and ask them to bring the champagne,

I will drink more coffee and less Mt. Dew in the morning,

I scrutinize the circumference of my mid section less and what I put into that area more,

Instead of being the perfect wife, mother, and friend, I will do the absolute best I can and will not beat myself up if everything doesn’t work out the way that book, her Mom, or I said it would,

I will care less about what those who do nothing for me or my family think of me and put that all that caring into those who do,

I will pay more attention to the lives of people I actually know and less time on TMZ and X17online,

I may write a book, a children’s book or submit an essay for publication,

I will learn to say No,

I will travel,

I will learn to become a better baker and cook and depend less on Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker for all things delicious that come out of my kitchen,

I will take the long way home, because some days that extra six minutes to me, myself, and I makes all the difference,

I will say Thank You more and truly mean it,

I will leap and find my net.

Happy Wednesday!

Oh, Oh, Oh, and we have a winner with the staple count: ASHLEY GOFORTH!! She guessed correct with 23 staples (I must confess I had a different number in mind and had to do a re-count this morning to confirm and yep there are 23 of them suckahs in there)!! Thanks for all of you who took a stab at it - haha!


  1. I have to say this blog made me smile and made me a bit teary eyed at the same time. You are such a beautiful person inside and out, always stay just the way you are. Welcome to your 30’s!

  2. Haaahhahahha..... my 30th birthday trip to Florida was spectacular!!! And now, looking back, the fact that I had my sister there with me, makes it even better!!!! Love ya Amester!!!!


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