Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hugs & Shrugs - Adele and Pumpkin Coffee


1) Adele. I purchased 21 approximately 2.5 weeks ago and am pretty sure I have listened to it 2,578,661 times, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! If you don't have it go to iTunes right now and download it, if you are not happy with it, well then we can't be friends anymore -haha! 2) My physical therapy girl; I say girl because I am sure she is at least a half decade younger than I am and now that I am 30, pretty much every female 0-29 is now a girl to me, anywho she is super nice, smart, and is helping me get this leg back into shape, 3) The flat frying pan my Mom gave me for my birthday. For years I have been grilling up two toasted cheeses at a time (you may call them 'grilled' cheese, but in this house that cheese melted between two buttery pieces of bread is TOASTED), that was until now! The other day I was able to toast up four, yes four sandwiches enough for the hubs, the babes, myself and one to spare.

1) D&D has never, ever, ever once made an appearance in this category, oh wait there was that one time about that really slow one, but never has a product made it on here until today. The new pumpkin iced coffee. I ordered one yesterday took one slug off the straw and wanted to spit it out all over my steering wheel. Some of you wait all year for this coffee... you must drink it hot because iced it tastes like *&%! 2) The return of weather that requires the one item of clothing I loathe... SOCKS! Anyone with a two year old and a husband can understand this one with no further explanation. 3) Not being able to drive the Jeep because it is a standard and I only have 32 degrees of bendage (yes that is a word) with my clutch leg.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. 32° of bendage only? With a little one in the house? My heavens. And stairs? Goodness. I hope that "girl" at therapy can help you out quick. How long before your leg is closer to "normal"? I hope you recover quickly. Carolina


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