Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Family Photos

Ahh, the fall season has arrived. It is by far my favorite of the four seasons; apples, warm days and cool nights, and the best part of all, foliage! Lurrrve foliage; not only is it beautiful to look at, it also creates a beautiful backdrop when taking photos.

Unfortunately this fall, I have done little to no photography due to that little knee issue I had back in September, more on that later... But a few weeks ago I did photograph this adorable little family. You see Mom and I had tried to set a date for these pictures starting back in the Spring, one thing happened and another thing came up and we could never seem to sync our schedules. But a few weeks ago, with the understanding that I have only one fully functioning leg, we finally scheduled a time for a mini family session.

I had so much fun photographing this family. This little guy is really good friends with Miss. E.. They are sooooo cute together; I am not sure how 'cute' we will think they are together in 16 years, but for now he just melts my little heart.

Little man!


Deb - you are gorgeous!

Don't you just want to squeeze him?!?

Well, that would mean you have to catch him first!

Love, love, love these next two.

That little look right there will break a lot of hearts some day, as long as one of those hearts does not belong to my daughter - haha! No really...

I always enjoy the reaction I get when I tell couples I am going to have them make out. They laugh, and then I tell them I am not kidding and the laughter usually stops.
But once I give the order to start kissing - I usually have to tell them to stop!

Dad has my dream truck; an old Ford Bronco! When I saw it in the driveway I knew I had to get this little guy in there for some pictures.

I may be a little partial to the truck, but this maybe my favorite shot of the day!

I was looking through these pictures and I just had to include this series of photos in here. Photographing two year olds CAN BE challenging, trying to photograph parents alone while their two year old is running around IS challenging.

But with a little creative cropping of the camera, a photographer always gets her shot!

Deb - thankfully we were finally able to catch up! Thank you for all your patience and understanding over the last couple months. I hope it was worth the wait.
Happy Monday

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  1. Although I, too, love, love, love all the black and white photos, I have to offer up a forth love to the one where Deb is with her husband and she is looking straight into the camera lens (photo #5). There is something about her gaze that is timeless and "hooks" the viewer. I think it is one she will look at when she is 80 and she will be instantly transported back to the moment you took the picture. As far as baby E is concerned, you are in trouble. That little boy is scrumptious!
    I hope your leg is healing properly. can't imagine what it is like running a house, baby E, and a dog when you don't have two legs to count on. It was good to see your post. Carolina


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