Monday, November 14, 2011

I have to ask...

Despite having hundreds of TV stations, our TV rarely leaves what ever station Nick Jr is on. I have been watching A LOT of Nick Jr. over the last 6-8 months; my daughter loves their shows and other than dumping out laundry baskets full of clean, folded clothes, it is about the only thing that will hold her attention for longer than 2.6 minutes.
 I have to say though there are a few things about these shows that just doesn't add up for me. For example:

1) Why doesn't Dora's shirt cover all of her belly?

2) Where are Max & Ruby's parents?

3) How old are the Fresh Beats? They act like they are in junior high, dress like they are in high school, and look like they are out of college?

4) Why hasn't Dino Dan's Mom brought him to see a Psychiatrist? The kid "see's" dinosaurs'?

 5) Can someone please explain to me Yo Gabba Gabba? Anyone??

6) Do Olivia's parents fight? Ever? Three kids and Mom gets all dressed up to stay home all day and no one raises their vioces? And how do 4.5 pigs fit in that little car?

7) What is Uniqua?? Is she a salamander? Wait?! Is 'she' even a 'she'?

8) Why did they make Milli & Geo's heads so big? It just looks weird.

I could keep going... but then you would start to question my sanity. But I can't be the only Mom out there watching these shows and asking these same questions. Right? What are you kids watching that make you go "huh?"?


  1. Is max.........a little slow? lol

  2. This is super clever, Amy. I, too, have found that what makes sense to my kids feels totally out there to me. At the risk of sounding like a total lush, I have found that I feel like I am on the exact same wavelength as my teenagers when we are at the dinner table talking and I have had more than one glass of wine. Without the wine, to me, they seem to be on another planet that appears to be forever inaccessible.


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