Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Drooly Ball of Cuteness

Yesterday we received a special visit from our good friend Ed and his beautiful 4 month old daughter, baby S. Owww, a baby!!! Sweet Pea and I were so excited!! I was even more excited when the guys went downstairs to tinker on a truck and left ME to watch over this drooly ball of cuteness. EKK!

Ed and my husband have been friends since they were little kids, they grew up riding dirt bikes, four wheelers, pretty much anything with a throttle. When we found out him and Nancy were pregnant we were excited that our kids would have an opportunity to grow up together just like they did. When we found out they were having a girl we were even more excited!! One day my husband and I went shopping and he picked out a cute little outfit; a shirt with a motorcycle on it and a pair of cameo pants. He threw them in the cart and said 'that's for Ed's baby' I looked at him and said 'you know they are having a GIRL right', he said 'yeah, but Ed will think it is funny.' So we bought the outfit. You should have seen some of the looks I received at the baby shower when she opened it in front of everyone... let's just say I felt obligated to tell everyone the story you just read.
But he was right, Ed thought it was funny and when he took her jacket off yesterday, Guy was excited to see that she was wearing his outfit. She looked pretty happy about it too.

Look at that perfect skin!
How cute is this little hat!
Talking to me and Sweet Pea
Are we almost done??

Love the drool!!

Happy Sunday!


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