Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Question

Name the Best Rock Band ever!


  1. No question - AC/DC!!!

  2. What a great picture! The best rock band ever? Do the Beatles count?

  3. well I'm a huge Motley Crue fan! Bad Company is a close second though!

  4. ERIC CLAPTON ofcourse, Yardbirds,Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, Hence: jayson(Derek), and Solo. My all time Fave!

  5. That photo is AWESOME.
    To rock this world, you have to be a musician that was completely ahead of your time.
    Bethoven gets my vote for that.
    But I get where you guys are going with this. My vote would have to go with Eric Clapton. Between his lyrics and his guitar playing, you get to "be" him for the moments you are listening to his music. Carolina


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