Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Baby Cradle

This summer, my husband's Great-Uncle made our daughter an adorable rocking cradle for her babies. It is adorable and she loves to use it, mostly to rock herself in, but none the less, she uses it all the time. I loved it from the moment I laid eyes on it.

He gave it to her unfinished and I knew this cradle had the potential to be a stand out. I didn't know  exactly how I was going to make this structure a one of a kind, but I knew one day I would. Until the inspiration hit me, the cradle was placed in playroom with all her 58,986 other toys.

Then one day while at A.C. Moore, one of my favorite places on the planet for those of you taking notes, and noticed a whole section of Home Decor Rub Ons. I saw these and my mind took off from there.

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Home Decor Rub Ons 4"X12"-Sherbert Dots
 I thought, ohhh I can paint the cradle white and put these on the sides, so I grabbed two.... THEN I found myself in the unfinished wood section and found a wooden "E", THEN I went to the paint section and found a green paint that matched the dots perfectly, THEN I called my Mom and told her my grand plan, she said she had leftover primer and white paint, so THEN I stopped over at her house, picked up the primer and the paint, THEN went home, brought the cradle downstairs took out all my supplies and THEN... everything sat there.... for almost two months. No kidding. Isn't it funny how you can go from being super amped about a project and then just like that the inspiration is gone. Orr is that just me?

One night I went downstairs and under two inches of dust saw the poor little unfinished cradle sitting there with all my supplies. They looked abandoned and sad. So I went over and decided to at least start the project, I did a coat of primer, went on the computer for a little bit, then came back and applied the first coat of while paint. It looked pretty good and all of a sudden I could feel the excitement of the project beginning to amp up again.

Over the next few nights I applied another coat of white paint and did some touch ups, by the third night of the project I was ready for the Rub-Ons. Having never applied 'rub-on's, I was scuuuurd of them. What if they don't go on right, what if I tore one, what if they peel, what if, what if, what if - EKK?
But I was pleasantly surprised how well they transferred onto the wood and how good they looked. 

Before I knew it I was a dot rubbing machine; one here, one over there, then I got super crazy and started cutting them in half and making it look like the dots were going off the wood. Yep, beleive it, I am that crazy annnnd that cool! Don't hate!

Once all my dots were dotted all over the cradle, I painted the wooden "E" and glued it on the end of the cradle. After the glue set, I picked up my masterpiece and thought "thereeeee, the potential has been released!" I am very pleased at how it turned out!

I pulled out the potential I knew was there all along. Now my daughter has a true, one of a kind, stand out of a crowd baby cradle. The kind of toy that cannot be mistaken or missed... or not.

Happy Tuesday!

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