Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday's Question

What is your biggest pet peeve!?

Yeah, how gross are those. Nothing irks me more than driving down the road and seeing the person in front of me flick their used butt out the window. How come you don't put that thing out in your car's ash tray, it is because it is disgusting and will stink up your car. Ohhhh, okay I get it. So throw it out your window and litter on the ground. Or better yet, wait till you are at the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru and bounce it off the side of the building before you get to the window. Seeing them trailing up to the window is such a nice addition to the landscape and nothing smells better than a wet cigarette butt.


  1. Nothing irks ME more than when an overweight smoker comes into the office complaining of their chronic cough and leg pain. Please, let my tax dollars pay for your bad habits, allowing you to get better health care than me. Phhheewww... I feel better. :)

  2. A gross topic, but it needs to be addressed. Why does their problem have to become my problem? The other day I stepped out of my car without paying attention and my nice suede boot landed right in the middle of a freshly disposed wad of "chew". I was disgusted. Carolina


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