Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This may come as a surprise to all of the five people that read this blog, but my husband and I don’t always see eye-to-eye. In many ways we are two peas in a pod, but in other ways we are ying and yang. Here is a perfect example of our ying and yangage:

Usually after every mutual shopping trip, he complains that I talk to everybody, adding we can’t go anywhere without me talking to someone, and brace yourself for this one, he points out that I talk to people I don’t even know (GASP)! In my defense I know a lot of people, but more importantly, when did it become a crime to TALK to people?

There are too many people out there who refuse to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Now don’t get the wrong idea, I will certainly teach my daughter “Stranger Danger” and I don’t walk into a Target and start chatting it up with everyone who walks by, but if I see someone has a cute dress in their cart I may ask where they got it and I may make a comment to someone if they are trying on the same shoes as me “cute aren’t they?” or if I am waiting in line at the grocery store I may attempt to make small talk with the person behind me. Alright, re-reading that last sentence it does sounds like I talk to everyone, but I promise you I don’t.

"Why would you talk to someone you don’t even know" my husband asks and I think it is because I grew up on a camp road where we waived to every single passing car, regardless if we knew them or not... wait, I can’t use that argument because my husband (who thinks talking to strangers should be a whole class of felony on its’ own) grew up on a camp road too. I don’t talk to people because I want to be their best friends or to find out what they had for supper the night before, I do it because I like people and when talking to someone you never know what you may find out or what may come from the micro-conversation.

I was in Greenville, ME not to long ago at the mildly famous Indian Hill Trading Post, where I let an older gentleman in back of me cut because he had one item as opposed to my 146. We made small talk and went along our merry little ways. Later that night I saw the man at a local pub, he thanked me again for letting him cut and he bought me a drink! My husband looked at me with one eyebrow raised and when I said I met him at the Trading Post he just rolled his eyes.

So there, it’s out there, talk to people, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation next time you are stuck at Wal*Mart check out, or with someone who is right next to you trying on the same shoes, who knows what could happen, you might even get a free drink out of it!


  1. YOU HAVE COME A LONG WAY BABY !!! I am gone for just a few days to another state and This & That went from baby to grown up. The new look of your blog looks awesome. I love the banner, it is the kind of thing I would look at out in nature when I am pondering "stuff" which is what your blog makes me do. I had to pick a posting to put my comment under. I picked this one because I too get accused of talking to everybody. Talking to perfect strangers makes me feel connected to the big world out there. There is a fine line between a danger-stranger and a wanna- be-my-freind-for-5-minutes-stranger. I have mastered walking that line and can do it with my eyes closed. I wouldn't be married either, because my husband is the cutest stranger I ever struck up a conversation with.

  2. Shopping and talking to strangers about what they think...not sales ppl because face it, its their job to say you look great. Ask a complete stranger. If its honesty your looking for you will find it there. They dont know you from Pete and more than likely you will get an honest answer.

    I always tell Lexi not to talk to strangers...So on this one day we were at Mc.D's and I tell her go on into the play room while I wait for the food & DONT TALK to strangers! Sure enough I walk in and she is seated with an ederly lady telling her every thing on her mind. I quickly go over there and scoop her up scolding her about stranger danger. She said "Mom shes old like Great Grammie so shes not a stranger"!!


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