Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Baby Changes Everything

I heard a commercial once that said "A Baby Changes Everything". As my beautiful daughter is getting ready to turn the ripe age of one, I look at my life today and compare it to my life one year and nine months ago and you know what? That commercial is right, a baby really DOES change everything.

I am not just talking about waist lines and sleep patterns, I am talking about walking into a clothing store and bee lining it to the baby section, looking in my rear view mirror not to scowl the person behind me, but to make sure she is safe and sound, waking up in the morning not cursing my alarm, but jumping out of bed because I can hear her babbling away and can already see the smile on her face when I open her bedroom door, and lastly, pulling into Tobey's store praying I will see someone I know who can watch her so I don't have to wake her up and lug her inside.

In addition, babies make quite an impact on your house. I was always one of "those" people who said 'when I have a kid, my house is NOT going to turn into a Toys-R-Us', and 'my kid will not have toys scattered throughout my house'. YEAH RIGHT! It's funny how that happens without you even noticing...

Last year we switched our home insurance to Tilton Insurance and part of the process I had to take pictures of my house. I found these the other day (which sparked the idea for this post) and marveled at the transformation my house has undergone in just the last year. When I took the 'now' pictures I thought to myself 'you should really pick up first', but I didn't, because THIS IS WHAT MY HOUSE LOOKS LIKE! So, albeit mildly embarrassed, I post these pictures so you can get an accurate portrayal of my homes; let's call it, Baby Makeover.

Living Area Before:

Living Area Now:

Dining Room Then:

Dining Room Now:

A few others I have to share.

My bathtub; notice shampoos and conditioners out of babies reach and once again toys showing up in places I vowed never for them to appear:

I have to include this last shot, because it makes my heart smile each time I see those little pink
clothes blowing in the wind:


  1. Amy I love your blog(s)!! Though I have no children, and never will due to certain circumstances I can whole hearted fully understand your blog. I lived with my friend Carrie who had an infant son born premature, with this came alot of added duty that I helped share. I was there with him when he took his first steps, tried his first words, when he came off oxygen at 2yrs old, and more so when he was 4 and they did his ear surgery and he was able to hear himself talk for the first time. I never intended to become attached to Andrew, but I did and my life has not been the same since. I miss him all the time now that he and his mom are no longer close by, she has married and added two more beautiful babies to her family. However, I am greatful for the time I had with him and it's true babies really do change everything even if they are not your own!

  2. Wait until the sippy cups are no longer needed ... you will feel like you have miles of new cabinet space. And yes, all that baby stuff does take up space, but when I look at the "after" pictures what I really "see" is pictures of love. Enjoy it.


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