Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hugs & Shrugs

HUGS: 1) BLT’s; who ever thought bacon would be good on a lettuce and tomato sandwich is a culinary genius! 2) Mulch; the dark kind, you make weeding a thing of the past and make my gardens look professionally kept (when we all know they are not) 3) Sunglasses; you protect my eyeballs from the sun’s harmful rays, you make me feel like a celebrity while driving in my car, and you are the perfect hair accessory on a humid day.

SHRUGS: 1) Dog hair; it’s everywhere, in my car, on my floors, on my clothes and in my daughters mouth; is it unheard of to shave a lab??? 2) Alarm clocks going off at 3:30am on a Saturday for… wait for it…. Turkey hunting, let’s not go there. 3) Jon Gosselin; there once was a time I felt bad for you, now I just think you are a waste of valuable ET time and by the way you are getting chunky!!

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