Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wondering Why

Do you ever wonder why?? I wonder why people do the following:
  1. Drive mini-vans when they don't have kids.
  2. Jay walk and then don't give you a 'thank you' wave after you slammed on your brakes, saving their lives.
  3. Have more kids than they can afford.
  4. Order a coffee with more cream and sugar in it than coffee.
  5. Kiss their dogs on the mouth.
  6. Talk to their 5 year olds like they are 1 while talking about themselves in the third person "Mommy said..."
  7. Go to Target completely by-pass Starbucks!
  8. Don't mow their lawns.
  9. Go shopping in their pj's.
  10. Prohibit their wife from turning up the heat in months May-October!
Anything you would like to add?


  1. Buy their 5 year old kid coffee (even if it is half milk).

    Put iced tea in baby bottles for their kid (yes, they did this when we lived in Texas).

    Pass on the highway and then slow down.

    Play the stereo in their car so load, it drowns out my TV when they drive by.

    Make sure their kids wear bike helmets, but not wear them themselves.

  2. I am guilty of #8 - After the last time I mowed the lawn, I kissed the mower and told it we were parting ways. Carolina


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