Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking Forward

A few Friday's ago, I posted the question "What are you looking forward to?", I received a few responses, one in particular was from Carolina from The Muse of the Day who said: "Amy - don't you think YOU should comment as well and answer your own question? I, for one, would like to know your answer. Carolina" Well, Carolina, your wish is my command and here, in no particular order, are some  things I am looking forward to.

The End of Black Fly Season:

Seeing this bike surrounded by flowers:

My bee-hind plopped in one of these on Moosehead Lake:
(these are boat seats)

My husband making up his mind; charcoal or gas?

EJB growing into shoes that I can borrow:

An upcoming Birthday Party and BBQ!!

Watching more memory making miles rack up on this truck:

When the motor from this truck:

Goes into this truck, so my driveway no longer looks like a
used junk truck lot...
Meeting my new baby niece:

Beginning a new project:

So there, in no particular order are somethings I am looking forward to. The only down side to looking forward to something is that we are, in a since, wishing time away. I heard this great quote from the turtle in Kung Fu Panda (I can't remember his name) which really struck a cord with me and is mildly appropriate for this post.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present."

Enjoy today and everyday! Happy Tuesday!


  1. The thing about you, Amy, that I have adored since the day I met you, is that you not only live in the present, to it's fullest, to the very edge of your skin, but you bring the whole world along with you to enjoy it. THIS is no small gift. Ask any one around you and I can bet they will agree with me - go ahead ask anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed your take on the question posed in your post from a bit back. Your response is nothing but classic "Amy". I don't remember what you did right after finishing school, and I fully realize just how busy you are, but it is time for you to go a little further. You need to write more. Perhaps an essay or two to begin with, and start submitting them. The chapters to a future book will develop themselves as the essays start pouring out. Keep the blog as it is now, more of a conversation, but don't wait to start sharing the essays. Be diligent in selecting the perfect words, let laziness never be a part of your word search, question every choice until the sentences drip off the page under the weight of exactitude. No matter how tired you are, write every day. I am looking forward to reading your words. Let your words bring everybody to the point of living at the edge of their skin. Don't waste the gift. Carolina

  2. Amy - I couldn't agree more with the comment above from the Muse of the Day. Your posts are such a delight and inspiration to read (as we have discussed before)and you can truly feel the "feelings" you are portraying through your words and pictures. Keep up the great blog - I love reading it! :)


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