Monday, February 20, 2012

Hugs & Shrugs: Mother-in-Laws & Mud Season

Yes. I am still alive! I am having severe blogging block and every time I think, 'oh I should blog about that' when I actually get the time to start doing it, American Idol comes on and poof another day is gone. So because I have nothing super exciting to report, I will do an old stand by post, a Hug & Shrug!

1) Mother-in-laws who call the house at 7am on a Saturday (keep reading, yes this is in the right catagory) and asks if your almost three year old can come over and spend a couple hours with her cousin - ummm YES! She is on her way right NOW!! 2) Bath & Body Works - True Blue Spa Refreshing Face Scrub w. Peppermint - it comes out of the tube super smooth, rubs on a little rough, but not so rough it feels like it is ripping my face off, and it smells like it leaves my face, cool and refreshed. 3) Pinterest: I have avoided you like Ben & Jerry's Coffee Toffee ice cream for the past 6 months, and after pinning for 46 straight hours, I know why. I am in love and don't be surprised if you see less posts in this blog, because ever 32 spare seconds I get, will be spent pinning!!

Pinterest Logo

1) Pinterest, see #3 above, I.CAN'T.STOP. 2) Mud season in January and February, look mother nature, my car can not handle 6 months of mud season and if mud boots are going to become a staple to my wardrobe, I may have to go buy a pair that I actually like! 3) Laundry, does it ever end?


  1. Hugs: Calling to check on Lexi and hearing EL wants to talk...then hearing " I Lub u naunieeee"!

  2. Call me slow, but where is your Pinterest button? I want to see what you have pinned. I am not officially on Pinterest ... I am afraid I would need to enter myself into a twelve week program if I was a member. Already, without my own account, I spend more time on there than I have.
    Post AGAIN.



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